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Profitable Stylist Creator 101: Start with the Complete Commission Blueprint

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Salon

You’re an excellent stylist and a motivated salon owner who knows how she wants her salon to run.  But you’re frustrated with continually fighting fires, and never finding quite enough time or money for the things that really matter.

You are so busy hurrying from one drama to the next, supporting everyone else but feeling like no one truly has your back. When you slide into bed at night, tired but wired, you’re left feeling trapped, unsatisfied and like you didn’t get enough done.

And if something doesn’t change soon, you fear you might reach breaking point. Your relationships and your salon dream in tatters.

It doesn’t have to be this way, not long ago I was in your shoes, consistently worried about stylists, money and searching for the right advice to make it all easier.

I was looking for real solutions so I created the Profitable Stylist Breakthrough Series.  A 3-part series to move you from an anxious employer to an Empowered Boss. This Breakthrough Series will allow you to effortlessly manager your salon from a position of purpose and authority, and not from fear.

When you have completed the first course of the Breakthrough Series, Profitable Stylist Creator 101: Getting started with the Complete Commission Blueprint, you will:

  1. Discover how to create profitable stylists,
  2. Effortlessly develop all the powerful tools that make up your Commission System and Stylist Management Plan so your stylists will really know what you expect of them,
  3. And be taking your confident first steps towards running your salon like a BOSS!!!

You can do this course as a stand alone, or as the first part of the Profitable Stylist Creator Breakthrough series.

Sign up now to the 101 course wait list.  It's time to leave behind the constant state of overwhelm and uncertainty, and begin a life of freedom running your profitable salon on your own terms.


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Create a powerful Stylist Management Plan in simple steps.

Let me show you how make ownership easy.

If you're feeling frustrated as a salon owner, you're not alone.  Knowing how to successfully keep moving forward is a minefield at times.  

My passion is providing owners with sound advice and proven performance know-how that is easy to understand and simple to use.

I want owners to feel empowered to run successful businesses their way, and most importantly, make money doing it.

 Caroline Cooper

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